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With over 32 years experience, we have been providing a wide range of professional landscaping care services to the Tucson community.

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The residential landscaping professional at Guaranteed Landscaping specialize in all landscaping traits including lawn mowing, tree removal, sprinkler systems, and many other home renovation and home improvement projects.


When a professional image is required, you can trust Guaranteed Landscaping.
Whether it’s a single- or multi-tenant location, or a large corporate campus, Guaranteed Landscaping LLC have the experience and know-how to help you look your best, while delivering maximum value for your landscape budget.

Irrigation Design

Water consumption is a big deal not only in our region, but around the world. Guaranteed Landscaping is committed to environmentally responsible irrigation practices. Staying current with industry education and local requirements, following best practices and using water conserving technologies, Guaranteed landscaping leads by example, keeping landscapes healthy while reducing water use and lowering the negative impact on our planet.


In small- to mid-sized landscaping projects, excavation services can be performed at lower costs than our competitors. Our work is guaranteed; the job isn’t finished until you are satisfied. We will ensure your preparedness, and your property for a new and beautiful landscape.


In order to Guarantee beautiful Landscaping, all plants must have access to the essential nutrients they need to be strong and healthy. This means it is necessary to provide those nutrients, and our fertilization experts are just right for the job. We will properly prepare your soil profile and nurture the soil texture, chemistry, and structure affected by traffic and everyday wear and tear.


Once Guaranteed Landscaping designs your yards new look, it makes sense you’ll want to show it off. This is why you should first consider our landscaping lighting experts to properly position your lighting to maximize the right experience for you and your neighborhood to enjoy.

Full Service Landscaping

"We love Hanz and Inez and the crew! We've worked with them for a long time. Recently, while trimming a mesquite tree whose branches were hanging over the roof of our house, they noticed several cracks in the parapet. They knew we had a roofer on site but weren't sure he'd spotted the cracks. So they told me about it. I mentioned it to the roofer (who hadn't noticed) and they were able to repair the cracks quite easily. That's the kind of going-the-extra-mile we've come to expect from Hanz and Inez. Top of the line. Quality. Professionalism. Integrity."

- Michael Anderson

“I called guaranteed landscaping to come finish a tree removal job that another landscaper had bailed on leaving us unable to access our driveway and carport. They came out the same day I called for a quote, quoted us a fair price, and were at our house the next morning to do the job. When they showed up, they got right to work and were professional, efficient, and thorough. The crew members were polite and courteous as well. I will definitely be calling them in the future for any jobs I need done, and will 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a landscaper.”

- Tim Higginbottom


Dedicated to your yards beauty, and your satisfaction, you can trust Guaranteed Landscaping is the perfect and only landscaping company you’ll ever need again.

Guaranteed Landscaping

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